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CCTV Installation and Maintenance Services:

CCTV Professional Installation team offers you with easy install, setup and configuration services for all models. Our team of CCTV technicians consists of qualified CCTV installers and offers you third party surveillance system and security camera installation, setup and configure services. With this installation Service a professional technician will install a video surveillance system. The installation Service will cover labor to mount the cameras, run all cables from cameras to DVR, make all low voltage electrical and video connections and make sure that cameras are aimed, focused and adjusted properly.

We provide following CCTV Services:

  • Pre-purchased CCTV full package installation kit
  • CCTV installed camera maintenance
  • Arrangement of DVR System
  • Site assessment for perfect camera placement
  • Routing of cables from main power switch to camera and back to DVR
  • Wireless IP cameras settings
  • Errors resolved for all installed CCTV cameras

The standard installation and CCTV Maintenance Services for all cameras models including secure eye camera, CP Plus camera and Hikvision Camera will be done easily with our skilled and experienced technicians.

How to Install CCTV Camera with experts?

CCTV Cameras are one of the best security systems available. The ways in which CCTV camera can be installed are followed. The most important and essential aspect of installing CCTV camera system is choosing the right spots for camera and DVR maximize camera coverage and minimize the cable length. For indoors choosing the corner is the best form where most entry points into room are easily visible. Power socket should also be in chosen in close proximity. For Outdoors a higher spot covering the door, window approaches, garages etc. Choosing spot above 10ft so that it cannot be knocked down easily by anyone.

Second step is mounting the camera at the desired place by marking for drills points. Drill holes and hammer in screw moldings. Screw the camera firmly in place and inserting the power cable of camera in socket.

Next place the DVR of the CCTV where surveillances hard disk is present. Hence all CCTV recording reside inside DVR. Keeping the DVR inside locked compartment is highly recommended by experts. This is also a vital step to ensure the bullet proof security system.

Fourth step is planning the managing of cables to DVR unit. Wire moldings are used to keep wire managed and safe. Nail the moldings along the path and put the surveillance wire inside.

Fifth step is connecting the wires. Follow steps to connect the BNC port. Video cable is connected via BNC port, removing about 1.5cm of outer covering of video cable which is now exposed the braids. The crimping barrel is made to slide into the cable with wider diameter facing towards the end of the cable. Next is removing the white insulator covering the innermost cable. Inserting the exposed cables into the BNC port is the next step and screws the crimping barrel which makes a secure connection. Connect the DVR output port to the screen on which you want the video to feed.

Start the power ON the camera followed by display and DVR. DVR is setup as per manual instructional provided. Have look over every camera feed to confirm each camera is working properly and provided the desired viewing angle.

The above steps are sufficient to get you with the successful installation of any CCTV Camera. Still have any further query regarding the CCTV Installation Services surveillance system connect via dialing our number @ +91 8722919198 and get assisted immediately.


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